Silca S.p.A. invests in local sport and cultural initiatives

Vittorio Veneto,
Stefano Zocca, Managing Director Silca S.p.A.

Silca has always had a strong bond with the local community of Vittorio Veneto where the company is based, and has always invested significantly in projects dedicated to the youth. The company employs over 400 people in Vittorio Veneto and is the worldwide leading manufacturer of automotive systems, keys and key cutting machines. On many occasions, Silca has collaborated with local institutions and associations, schools and universities, to participate in initiatives involving young people and promoting talented youth.
For thirty-six years, Silca has sustained two sports teams: Silca Ultralite Vittorio Veneto and Atletica Silca Conegliano promoting athletics and triathlon, with a special focus on children and teenagers. The success of both sports teams is backed by impressive figures: in 2015 the teams supported over 250 young athletes aged 6-18, and organized 18 events at national and international level, involving 9.533 competitors, both amateurs and professionals.
Silca collaborates also with schools and universities to support and nurture the young talented people who will enter the job market in the near future. Two projects in which Silca took part provide an example of the company’s commitment.
Silca supported the opening of Maitoy, a recreational center for children aged 1-6 within the Cenedese Museum in Vittorio Veneto. Since last October, Maitoy, promoted by the cultural association MAI and financed by the Municipality of Vittorio Veneto, registered over 500 attendees.
Stefano Zocca, Silca S.p.A. Managing Director, said: “I’m honored that Silca was able to participate in an initiative that contributed to give value to the time of over 500 children and young people of Vittorio Veneto, helping them play and discover the world of art in a stimulating environment. With Maitoy Silca invested in one of our most precious resources: the quality of time. I believe it’s paramount that kids grow up with values that they will want to give back to the community in the future. Silca is committed in supporting this type of growth: both with sport and cultural initiatives.”
Last 25 January Silca organized the “Corri libero sui Prati”, a non-competitive cross race for children aged 6-10. The Fenderl Park in Vittorio Veneto hosted over 150 children who participated in the run and a vast audience of parents, athletes and local authorities.
“Sport, art, work experiences are all important stimuli for growing young people; stimuli that will enrich their lives,” said Stefano Zocca. “These are the elements that open the doors to the future.”

Silca and sport 2015 (YouTube)
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Stefano Zocca talks with young athletes of the Silca Ultralite team (YouTube)