Talent Campus International opens in Silca


Talent Campus International opens in Silca: young talents, universities and business people gather together and engage in an interesting dialogue on job challenges and opportunities

The meeting was opened by the greetings of Gianantonio Da Re, Vittorio Veneto Mayor, and Antonella Caldart, Youth Policies Councillor, Pietro Barteselli, Silca S.p.A. Senior Vice President Market Operations, Leonardo Buzzavo, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategies at the Cà Foscari University in Venice and Marzio Boscariol, Treviso and Belluno Federmanager President. After that, the floor was given to the young participants of the Talent Campus.
Enthusiasts, engaged and engaging, the 45 protagonists of the initiative had 120 seconds to introduce themselves in English, official language of the 2014 edition of the project. The listeners were fascinated and captivated by the speed, dynamism and versatility of the young people’s studies and work experiences and, moreover, by the determination and creativity they showed while presenting their idea of their professional future.
Leonardo Buzzavo, Lecturer at the Cà Foscari University, encouraged them to “be as open-minded and curious as possible. Curiosity and passion are the drives that will give you many opportunities in the future”. Marzio Boscariol, Treviso and Belluno Federmanager President, shared some data on the importance of developing management capital in Italy and, in particular, in the small and medium companies of our region. “The average presence of managers in European companies is 6%, with a peak of 10% in Germany, while the average in Italy is only 3.5%. Managerial skills are paramount nowadays”, said Boscariol, “so that companies are able to reinvent themselves and compete in the current economical scenario”. These data amplify the significance of initiatives such as Talent Campus that aim at facilitating the growth of qualified intellectual resources, allowing Public Administration, Universities and companies to work together and create a prolific network.
The young people were then able to confront themselves directly with important business people. Gianni Zoppas, Marcolin Group CEO, talked about the concept of leadership through his professional experiences and he underlined how essential it is to “interpret the company’s hierarchy and develop a smart, though personal, professional career plan. It is also paramount to establish positive relationships both inside and outside the company”.
Pietro Barteselli, Silca S.p.A. Senior Vice President, engaged with the youth in a dialogue on talent. The participants confronted their idea of talent with the manager’s idea and they pinpointed the strategies to identify the uniqueness of their talent and how to best present it. “Nowadays, you are required to be quick, lively, flexible both geographically and personally and, at the same time, to be able to communicate it. You are also required to be able to continuously challenge your talent and express it in ever new contexts”.
The day was concluded by the speech of Bernd Faas, expert in international mobility. “Young people should consider the possibility of working abroad as a plan A, not a plan B, they should go abroad because they are needed abroad, not because Italy does not want them. Current European trends favor a significant rise in career opportunities abroad and are characterized by an increasing international mobility,” Faas added. “It is extremely important that the youth remain open-minded and brave enough to seize new job and life opportunities”.
Talent Campus will continue at Digital Accademia.

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