“Inox Valley” companies award bonuses to their employees


Positive results paved the way for negotiations

Better results for the companies and better conditions for the employees. Against the backdrop of a difficult economic environment in the Marca region, some countertrend signs are coming from the mechanical sector, one of the most heavily affected by the crisis, and from a particular area, the area around Vittorio Veneto, typically not as brilliant as the rest of the Marca.
Some companies of the so-called “Inox valley” district, in the industrial site of San Giacomo di Veglia, have registered increasing economic results and have thus awarded their employees yearly bonuses ranging from 800 to 1.300 euro in 2014. This is the case of firms such as Silca and Keyline, both operating in the key replacement business, Lainox, Silko and Irinox, manufacturer of food and catering appliances (most notably freezers and blast chillers).
“The rewards, subject to a tax rate of 10 per cent, represent a concrete recognition of the great work done by employees and an acknowledgement of their professionalism”, said the Treviso branch of Fiom Cgil. “At the same time they represent the power of negotiation of trade unions and their capacity of facing such difficult times”.
According to trade unions, this negotiation could be the key to link the development of companies and the welfare of employees: “When there are investments, products innovation and optimized manufacturing processes, workers can benefit from better deals”. Fiom hopes this trend will consolidate and serve as drive for the development of the entire manufacturing sector.

Source: Il Gazzettino
Wednesday 29 October 2014
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