The revolutionary Futura - Multi-Function Key Machine


Review by Robert Sieveking, ‎Locksmith Instructor

This article is a review of the new Futura key machine. It shows the machine and illustrates the various components and features. This is an interesting key machine with many features. It’s one of the most advanced multi-function automated key machines in production.
I was unable to attend the ALOA convention this year, and didn’t get a chance to see the new “Futura” machine at the Kaba Ilco booth. Cloaked in a veil of secrecy, there had been quite a buzz regarding the release of this machine, so you can imagine my joy at the opportunity to review it for The National Locksmith magazine. For all those that missed the convention, let’s take a close look at the future of key cutting. There are some innovations here that are truly noteworthy.
Ilco® and Silca® are both part of the Kaba Group. All are familiar names in the locksmith industry. Ilco has introduced the Silca branded “Futura” to their collection of fine key machines. Its innovative design and advanced electronics place it at the forefront of new key machine design. This machine will copy or produce keys to dimension. It is capable of producing edge cut, laser cut, dimple, cruciform, tubular and Tibbe style keys. It is 12 machines (6 duplicators and 6 code cutters) in one amazingly small footprint. A first of its kind. The machine ships with cutters and jaws that will accommodate about 90% of edge cut and laser cut keys found in the North American Market. Optional cutters and jaws will expand its key-cutting capabilities to the remaining 10%.
I give the Silca Futura key machine high marks, for ease of use, quality of manufacturing and accuracy. The key vises are easy to use and the cutters produce excellent keys. Safety is always a concern, and the Futura is well designed to prevent accidental injury from flying chips and “pinch” hazards presented by the automated key-vise platform. Interlocks on the shoulder-gauge and tracer-pin prevent damage to the equipment caused by failure to retract these gauges. The Futura machine will be a welcome addition to any key or locksmith shop.

Source: The National Locksmtih
October 2014
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