Silca, quality and technology applied to the key duplication business

Stefano Zocca, Managing Director of Silca S.p.A.

Ferrutensil met Stefano Zocca, managing director of Silca S.p.A., to understand how the key and key cutting machine industry is evolving with regard to the new technologies available and how the traditional distribution in Italy in the hardware sector is changing.

Silca is one of the leading brand nationally and internationally in the manufacturing of keys and key cutting machines. The company is a subsidiary of the Swiss multinational Kaba Security Ag, the third worldwide largest group in the security industry. Silca’s business model is a unique combination of different aspects: manufacturing sites active in every corner of the globe, a wide and highly-innovative product range, worldwide distribution, a wide range of keys and key cutting machines for any kind of Duplicating Centre.
Ferrutensil has met Stefano Zocca, 48, managing director of Silca S.p.A. and C.O.O. (Chief Operating Officer) of the Division Key Systems EMEA/AP/SAM of the Kaba Group, to know more about the company and its target market.

Fonte: Ferrutensil
March 2013

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