Silca reaches an agreement against sultry weather

Silca S.p.A. plant in Vittorio Veneto

The firm reaches an agreement with Trade Unions: shifts begin at 7 a.m.
From September the integrative bonus. Trade Unions: “Right solution against the crisis”

VITTORIO VENETO – Is it too hot in the factory? No problem. Shifts begin one hour earlier in the morning and finish one hour earlier in the afternoon. The new integrative agreement reached at the Silca plant in Vittorio Veneto includes also flexible working hours. In fact, machineries moved by oil lubricant raise the temperature a lot. Since workers cannot wear shorts and slippers due to security reasons, but only the clothing provided, the firm has reached an agreement with Trade Unions: workers are going to start their morning shift at 7 a.m., when the weather is cooler. The employees of the plant based in San Giacomo have proved to reach high-quality standards within the entire Kaba Group, of which Silca, leading keys and key cutting machines manufacturer, is part.
Kaba’s management is so pleased with the results obtained by the company that, through this year’s integrative agreement, the bonus has been extended based on parameters fixed in 2010. Quality, efficiency and profitability are the measurement units, while the amount of the bonus will be defined in September. “Extending an integrative bonus in a plant that evaluates efficiency and profitability is an important sign, not only from an economic point of view, but also because of the nature of the parameters by which it is measured,” said Paolo Pagotto, representative of the Fiom Cgil Trade Union.
“This important sign was accompanied by encouraging news on the industrial production that, after market turbulences at the beginning of the year, has established much stable volumes”. The company’s stability has prompted investments and new products are ready to be launched on the markets worldwide. Moreover, Silca has achieved and consolidated high-quality levels, “accomplished thanks to the merits of those who work in Silca with daily commitment and devotion,” underlines Pagotto.
The agreement reached by the firm, Fiom and Company’s Unions Representatives on the working hours during the summer has reached the goal to avoid the hottest hours of day. “In order to overcome the crisis, we are going to support initiatives that aim to keep high-quality standards and sustain investments and profits,” added Pagotto. “If the crisis is not fronted with effective tools, workers might be forced to face bonus erase and might be asked to work unpaid hours [as we have recently read in the newspapers, with the result that workers are burdened with the weight of the crisis].”

Source: La Tribuna di Treviso
Wednesday 10 July 2013
Author (original article): Francesco Dal Mas

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