Easy Scan

Easy Scan is the portable, easy to use and updatable device that guides you through the copying procedures for Silca Air4 remotes.
Easy Scan is the essential aid for a successful remote duplication service over time.


Easy Scan

Easy Scan is the device from Silca that guides you through the copying procedures for Air4 residential remote controls.
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  • User-friendly and updatable software
    Easy Scan has a user-friendly software interface to guide you step
    by step through all the duplication procedures for Silca Air4 remote controls. The device software can be updated using a USB cable and a dedicated software program to ensure your remote duplication service is constantly up-dated.
  • Code detecting function
    The device immediately detects the original remote control type, identifying both its frequency and code type (fixed or rolling) and indicating the Silca universal remote model to use: Air4 F, V or Q.
  • Essential for quartz remotes duplication
    Easy Scan is the indispensable tool for copying quartz remotes on Air4 Q. It measures the transmission frequency of the original remote and guides you in adjusting the power of the antenna.
  • Duplication check
    With the aid of Easy Scan you will easily be able to check that the Air4 duplicate for fixed code remotes is correct and that the rolling code for the new remote has been properly generated.
  • Portable and functional
    Its compact size, light weight and easy-to-handle design make it a portable solution also suitable for small shops. It comes with an anti-slip pad to ensure its stability on your work station.
  • Multilingual
    The Easy Scan software is available in 7 languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.
  • Easy access to tutorial videos
    The QR code on the device grants prompt access to the online tutorial videos showing you the duplication procedures for copying each type of remote.

Technical Data

Alimentation: 2 AA batteries (2x1.5 V)

Length: 147 mm (5.79”)
Depth: 88 mm (3.4”)
Height: 26 mm (1.02”)

Net weight: 210 grams (0.46 lbs)