Air4 Remotes Range

Silca Air4 is the ideal way to duplicate remote controls for automatic garage doors, gates and barriers. The range of Air4 remotes, expanded to include the Air4 L, combines a modern design with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best solution to easily duplicate the vast majority of original remotes available on the market.
The Air4 range also includes special versions of the Air4 L and Air4 V Plus to address needs of specific markets.


Air4 Remotes Range

Air4 comes in 4 different versions able to duplicate the vast majority of remotes currently on the market:

  • Air4 V Plus: for frequencies 433.92 and 868.35 MHz (AM/FM) (fixed and rolling codes). Compatible with Easy Scan Plus and “Air4 Remote Programming Software” to offer a range of advanced features. Use of NFC technology means remotes are updateable with latest applications developed by Silca.
  • Air4 L: new model for fixed code remotes using a frequency of 433.92 MHz (AM) and for many of the most popular remotes using rolling codes.
  • Air4 L2: The Air4 L2 model has been added to the range of Silca residential remotes for duplicating fixed code remotes and many popular rolling remotes including FAAC®. Available in single version or in pack of 5.
  • Air4 V: for fixed and rolling code remotes with frequencies ranging from 433.92 to 868.35* MHz (AM/FM).
    * Frequency not available in Australia
  • Air4 Q: for quartz remotes with frequencies ranging from 27 to 40.685 MHz. Silca uses state-of-the-art technology meaning no need to change the quartz crystals to duplicate the remote. Air4 Q is not available in the new design.

For more information on the full Air4 range and the specific applications please refer to

Video presentation (YouTube)


  • Widest remotes coverage: With Air4 you can duplicate the largest variety of fixed and rolling code remotes available on the European market.
  • Simple duplication procedure: Duplicate your customers’ remotes quickly and easily thanks to Air4’s head-to-head automatic add-on, self learning frequencies function and simple programming procedure - even easier with the Silca Easy Scan Plus device and Air4 Remotes Programming software.
  • Duplicate new remote without the original: With the Air4 Plus remotes, the Easy Scan Plus device and special software a duplicate remote can be created even in the absence of the original.
  • Broadens the selling opportunity: Offer not only duplication but also greater convenience. Customers can replace up to four different remotes with just one single device.
  • Choice of 5 colours: Available in red, powder blue, ivory, graphite and dove grey, Air4 has contoured push buttons and a lanyard for easy attachment to key rings.
  • Available individually boxed or in a pack of 5 colours: The boxes feature a hook for easy display.
  • Certified quality: Air4 provides all the quality and reliability of a CE certified product entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.