Remotes Air4

Combining cool design, state-of-the-art technology and functionality, Air4 allows you to duplicate with ease most remotes available on the market.
Air4 comes in 3 different versions able to duplicate the vast majority of remotes currently on the market:

  • Air4 F: for remotes using a fixed frequency of 433.92 MHz AM (fixed and rolling codes).
  • Air4 V: for frequencies 433.92 and 868.35 MHz (AM/FM) (fixed and rolling codes).
  • Air4 Q: for quartz remotes with frequencies ranging from 27 to 40.685 MHz. Silca uses state-of-the-art technology with no need for interchangeable crystals to copy this type of remotes.



Air4 is the first-rate solution for duplicating residential remote controls, suitable for barriers, gates and garage doors.
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  • Widest remotes coverage on the European market
    With Air4 you can duplicate the largest variety of fixed and rolling code remotes available on the market.
  • Extensive radio frequencies range
    You can choose from 3 different models (F, V, Q) for perfectly reproduction of remotes with 433.92 and 868.35 MHz frequencies, as well as low frequency (quartz) remotes.
  • Simple duplication procedure
    Duplicate your customers’ remotes quickly and easily thanks to Air4’s head-to-head automatic add-on, self learning frequencies function and simple programming procedure.
    With the aid of the Silca Easy Scan device you will also be able to make the necessary adjustments for low frequency remotes and check that the copy is correct.
  • Outstanding quality coupled with affordability
    Air4 provides all the quality and reliability of a CE certified product entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.
  • Universal solution to meet all your customers’ needs
    Air4 provides your customers with a single solution for storing up to 4 different remotes in one device.
  • Ergonomic, functional, cool design
    Available in 3 colour combinations, Air4 has anatomical grip, anti-slip profile and a string for easy attachment to key rings.
  • Compact and long-lasting
    Air4 is light, compact and durable, with solid plastic buttons and splash-proof technology that protects it against rain and water spills.