Fastbit II

Fastbit II is the key cutting machine from Silca to duplicate bit, double bit, pump, mail box, central stop and special keys.


Fastbit II

Its compact design, high-quality materials and operative details have been engineered to respond to the needs of key cutters:

  • Who want to be equipped with a user-friendly, precise, reliable and long-lasting machine.
  • Who are just approaching the duplication of these specific key types.


  • Spring-loaded micrometric tracer point.
  • 3-sided revolving clamps with tilting mechanism.
  • Ergonomic handles and levers.
  • Compact dimensions and clean-cut design.

    Optional accessories
    With the dedicated original optional accessories, continuously updated, you can further enlarge the range of copied keys including keys with vertical cuts.


  • Keys cut in standard mode

Technical Data

Motor: Single phase and speed
Power supply: 230V - 50/60Hz
Cutter: High-speed steel (HSS)
Movements: by ball joint on rectified carriage
Runs (maximum length of cuts): 42 mm
Dimensions: Width: 400 mm, Depth: 460 mm, Height: 300 mm
Weight: 15,4 Kg