Silca Key Programs SKP-SKP Pro


The SKP program has been revised and now has a new database engine called Microsoft SQL Server, which improves compatibility with recent Windows® Operating Systems.
The name of the new program is Silca Key Programs PRO.
As a result of this revision, only the SKP PRO program will be updated with new functions and lock systems, while SKP will no longer be refreshed or updated.
Customers who subscribed in 2019 will be provided with the SKP PRO program on DVD.
SKP and SKP PRO programs can be installed on the same PC, because each one has its own specific installation. The user can therefore access both programs during the transition period from SKP to the new SKP PRO.

Once you have installed SKP PRO you will be able to:

  • Import all user data from the SKP program installed on the same PC
  • Import a backup file (.bkp) for SKP user data, as long as it is generated by a version of SKP equal to or later than

When you are sure that SKP PRO has imported all the SKP user data and is working properly, Silca suggests uninstalling SKP to avoid confusing the two programs.

Silca Key Programs is a software platform specifically designed for key cutting machines.
Silca Key Programs boasts one of the biggest databases in the key trade, for both quality and quantity of information; the database is updated daily so that it can offer the very best to people in every corner of the world who seek information about any type of key.
Silca Key Programs uses its numerous functions to fully exploit the potential of Silca electronic key-cutting machines, facilitate the key cutting process and ensure visibility of all the options developed by Silca, such as cutting tools, clamps and optional adapters.

Cutting a key becomes simple with Silca Key Programs PRO, find out why: