Silca Open House in Velbert

Open House Silca in Velbert

Success of Participation for the Event organized by Silca GmbH. Silca’s latest innovations please a qualified audience.

Great attendance and success of participation for the Open House Event which took place on the 9th and 10th November at Silca GmbH in Velbert, German subsidiary of Silca S.p.A. Over 200 different companies, both exhibiting and visiting, equivalent to more than 400 attendees, have decided to be part of this important occasion for Silca to share its latest innovative products’ solutions.
On the event’s stage, a selected and very qualified representation of the most important Lock Manufacturers of all Germany such as CES, ISEO, Ankerslot, WILKA and EVVA have looked with interest at the entire range of Silca’s electronic key cutting machines. Particularly appreciated: Idea, Triax Quattro, Unocode 399 Evo, Unocode 399 Plus and UC199, and the key reading devices Optika and Optika Light.
Not only Lock Manufactures have participated in the Open House, but also well-known manufacturing companies and gross dealers related to security and DIY business segments like Wendt, KEYOS, Tütemann, Weissensee, JU, Konntec, Schweisthal and many others.
A large number of Locksmiths and Key Cutters, interested in Silca’s key duplication solutions, have made the success of the event attending with extreme attention the professional key cutting machines live demos.
A positive sales outcome has resulted from these two interesting days. Most of all, the high interest towards Silca’s key duplication expertise and product solution quality has been, once again, confirmed.

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