Silca, sales and revenue on the rise


Positive results for the Key Systems Division. Zocca: costs under control

The keys of the economic upturn. Silca spa, one of the most renowned companies in the industrial area of Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) and one of the largest enterprises in the security business in Italy and worldwide, is knocking down the crisis with the help of the multinational Kaba.
The firm counting 500 employees circa was affected by economic challenges up until not long ago. However, the Key Systems Division within Kaba Group, was able to overcome all difficulties and garnered positive results at the end the 2012/2013 fiscal year: an increase by 2.9% of its sales results compared with the same period the year before and a rise by 2.7% of its gross revenue. The economic result was CHF 964.3m (the multinational company is based in Switzerland) and the sales have increased by 1.8%.
The Key Systems Division, under the guidance of Stefano Zocca, who is also in charge of Silca, was able to stand out for its results above group average and for being able to achieve important goals in terms of manufacturing efficiency. […] The results were due also to some acquisitions in the South American market and to the great work done by “two well-established companies and brands”: Silca in Vittorio Veneto and Ilco, operating in North America. “I am very satisfied with the result”, said Zocca, “thanks to a careful spending review, constant processes optimization within all our manufacturing sites and an effective market strategy in the regions where we are present, we have been able to positively contribute to the global Group’s results.”
Kaba represents today one the largest international provider of high-quality, cutting-edge security solutions. It employs 7.600 people working in over 60 countries worldwide. The company has established 150 years of expertise in this sector, an anniversary that the group celebrated in 2012.

Source: La Tribuna di Treviso
Wednesday 25 September 2013
Author of the original article: Francesco Dal Mas
(partial reproduction of the article)

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