The key… of success!


Silca has always been key cutters’ privileged partner. It represents technological innovation and high quality both within the Italian market and abroad. The company has also paid much attention to its customers in order to respond efficiently to any of their needs.

In 1974 Silca was founded as “Società Italiana Lavorazione Chiavi e Affini” introducing to the market the first range of keys and key cutting machines. In the Eighties and Nineties the company broadened in Europe, where it opened several business units. At the beginning of 2001 Silca became part of the multinational Kaba Security Ag, one of the three largest group worldwide in the security business.
In Europe Silca is a leading company in designing, engineering and manufacturing key blanks, key cutting machines and accessories to duplicate keys. It exports in over 130 countries worldwide more than 66.000 different items and over 250 key-cutting machine models, unfailingly introducing to its catalogue brand new products and key blanks for the most diverse uses.
The attention to its national market is a choice and a strategic interest for the company, that in Italy distributes widespread its products. The long and positive relation that the brand has established with the territory has led to a strong partnership with those operating within the hardware sector. A key factor of this successful partnership is the constant contact with duplication centres and the tireless activity of Silca’s agencies, assistance services and wholesalers. Such a daily commitment has been constantly supported by the company over the years.

Fonte: iFerr Magazine

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