Students of the Art Institute Munari design the new Art Key

The students of the Art Institute discussing with Silca's Worldwide Distributors

Silca supports young talents and launches, during the 2013 Distributors’ Meeting, the Art Keys Contest, a competition aimed at creating the new Art Key that has as protagonists 23 students of the Art Institute “Bruno Munari” in Vittorio Veneto.
The project involves both the youth of the Art Institute and the international representatives of Silca’s Distribution Channel, guests of the company on 28th and 29th May for the worldwide Silca Distributors’ Meeting.
Working in groups and supported by the distributors’ expertise and experience gained in the most diverse countries all over the world, the students will challenge each other in the creation and elaboration of a concept for a new Art Key, the most colourful and creative Silca key. They will be allowed to use papers, the outline of a key, pencils, pens and colours, but most importantly their imagination in order to realize an innovative and potentially best-selling graphic idea.
The concept will then be presented in English. A selected jury will choose the best three subjects, which will be awarded in Castelbrando in the evening of 29th May.
The initiative will help the students test their operative and language skills as well as their ability to manage time efficiently, allowing them to plunge in the work environment and to come to terms with the demands and requirements of the market.
“This contest represents an opportunity for the students to realize how their creativity and skills can be applied in a manufacturing company, such as Silca S.p.A.”, commented Maurizio Armellin, responsible for work-experience projects within the Art Institute.
The students seemed to appreciate the team work side of the project and the chance to confront themselves with worldwide experts coming from different backgrounds. But they also highlighted the challenges of merging the most diverse ideas and speaking English.
Silca S.p.A. is proud to be part of a project that will help young talented people boost their confidence, have a taste of the work environment and last, but not least, have fun.

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Photogallery of the Contest