After a successful fiscal year Silca rewards employees’ commitment


All the workers of the Vittorio Veneto-based firm received a record reward. The company wanted to recognize employees’ contribution to the great results achieved the last fiscal year.

The fiscal year that ended last June has been excellent for Silca. Such a great result is due mainly to the successful market response obtained by new products, but also to an efficient and highly professional organization, which has been able to profitably manage both international growth and product and manufacturing processes innovation, despite the challenging economic environment.
As a result of this favorable situation and as a recognition of the contribution of all Silca workers, the company has awarded its employees a bonus of about 1.150€, the second highest reward in the past five years, achieved thanks to results that went beyond expectations, both in terms of product quality, and in terms of company profitability. The market has definitely acknowledged the competence of this industrious firm in presenting ground-breaking products and services that apply state-of-the-art technologies and improve communication, data management and flexibility of use, with a demand that exceeded by far expectations.
The organization and all “Silca people” are the true reason behind this success: the company needs to anticipate the evolving needs of this business and its dynamics, both in consolidated and emerging markets, building up on the international network of which Silca is part within the Swiss Kaba Group.

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