Employees of the “Inox Valley” receive a bonus in their paycheck


Workers of the mechanical sector employed in the area around Vittorio Veneto received yearly bonuses in their paycheck ranging from 800 to 1.300 euro as a reward for their productivity. This is the outcome of good negotiation between companies and trade unions mixed with significant investments in product innovation.
The most interesting case is Silca, a company specialized in engineering and manufacturing key blanks and key cutting machines part of the Swiss multinational Kaba, which employs approximately 1.300 workers in Italy and in its overseas business units in the US, Colombia and India. In the fiscal year July 2013-June 2014, Silca registered a turnover of 67,5 m euro, a rise by 2,6 per cent from the previous year. The 400 employees of the Vittorio Veneto-based firm received a bonus of almost 1.150 euro in their September paycheck, the highest awarded in the past five years.
The workers of other companies, such as Lainox-Silko, Keyline and Irinox, received money rewards in their paychecks too, with the advantage of being subject to a tax rate of 10%, thus effectively reducing the tax wedge.

Source: Corriere del Veneto
Wednesday 29 October 2014
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