World renowned as key blanks manufacturer


Silca Spa is part of the Kaba multinational

A turnover of 63 m euro, an export of 83% of its products in over 130 countries worldwide, an entrepreneurial vision open to an innovative market and investments approach: this is Silca Spa, world renowned company that engineers and manufactures key blanks and key cutting machines, and a leading provider of key duplication solutions, both for professional and industrial use. The company is part of Swiss multinational Kaba, recognized as one of the three main players worldwide in the security business.

Kaba Key Systems division operates internationally through two flagship brands: Silca and Ilco. With Ilco, Key Systems operates in North America, while Silca is the reference brand for the key business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America. This year Silca has enlarged its presence worldwide also thanks to the acquisition of the Colombian company Flexon Sa, now FlexonSilca Sa, stronghold to the Key Systems’ presence in South America. Silca’s solid market share and innovative business approach have made the company a worldwide acknowledged provider of cutting-edge solutions, also thanks to the introduction of the electronic reading for decoding and copying keys.

Stefano Zocca, Coo of the Key Systems division and managing director of Silca Spa, summarizes the winning strategies of this year: “We have bravely decided to invest in people, in manufacturing processes and in a new market approach. Silca has opted for re-organizing its production processes in a challenging economic environment, considering strategic the goal of reaching excellence in its manufacturing processes. With the same principle, we have decided to invest in human resources training and have designed a new structure of the organization in order to be able to respond to the challenges presented by the current international economic environment”. Zocca explains: “These were not easy choices. The strategies we have pursued have been bold reflecting a countertrend compared to the strategies pursued by the majority of business and industrial players. The choices we have made have implied the responsibility and risk of important investments. Today, our choices are proving right, but the challenges posed by the market never end and every day we feel like we must imagine ever wider horizons to continue guaranteeing a robust business”.

Looking forward at 2014, Stefano Zocca aims to expand in countries with high growth levels and to strengthen and consolidate the markets where the company is already present. “We are going to keep beating the path of innovation and renovation that we have already paved”, concludes Zocca. “And we are going to do that with bravery and decisiveness”.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore (article in Italian)
Monday 16 December 2013