New gratifying economic results for the Key Systems Division in the FY 2012/13

Stefano Zocca, Key Systems Division COO and Silca S.p.A. Managing Director

Swiss multinational Kaba has reached, with the contribution of Silca S.p.A., new gratifying economic goals and the Key Systems Division has closed the 2012/2013 financial year with a rise by 2.9% of its sales results compared with the same period last year and has obtained a +2.7% of EBITDA margin.

The Kaba Group, listed on the Zurich Stock Exchange, has in fact released to shareholders its official financial results for the 2012/13 fiscal year, which has just ended.
The Group, which has achieved a turnover of CHF 964.3 million and whose sales volumes have increased by 1.8%, has reached and consolidated a +15.6% of EBITDA margin. The Key Systems Division, under the guidance of Stefano Zocca and within which Silca S.p.A. operates, has been able to stand out for its sales results and profitability, which are on the rise above the Group’s average, and for its ability to achieve important goals in terms of manufacturing processes. The Division has registered a more than gratifying +2.9% in its sales results compared with the same period last year, thanks to acquisitions focused on gaining market shares in South America and to the results obtained by two well-established companies and brands: Silca, operating in the EMEA and AS areas, and Ilco, doing business in North America.

“I am very satisfied with the results achieved by our Division – said Stefano Zocca, COO of Kaba’s Global Key Systems Division and Silca S.p.A. Managing Director – thanks to a careful spending review, constant processes optimization within all out manufacturing sites and an effective commercial strategy in all the markets where we are present, we have been able to positively contribute to the global outcome of the Group”.

“For those who, like us, operate within a publicly listed multinational company, the theme of profit margin is paramount – continues Stefano Zocca – therefore, the fact that the Key Systems Division was able to increase its operative margin (EBITDA) by 2.7% compared with the previous financial year is a great success, also considering the still challenging economic conditions”.
Stefano Zocca has shared today the Group financial results also with the employees of the Vittorio Veneto plant and has highlighted prospects and objectives that the Key Systems Division and Silca have planned to reach in the near future.

“We aim at growing even more worldwide – said Stefano Zocca – but, in order to do that, we all must commit ourselves at every level. I strongly believe in shared results: this is why I think it is very important that any employee feels personally involved in reaching the global goals we have defined”.

Silca remains, and will remain in the future, the core of the Key Systems Division, as stressed by its Managing Director. Silca is in fact a company that has highly invested in product innovation and manufacturing optimization, and is planning to keep up this trend in the financial year that has just started. “I believe innovation is a challenge – concluded Stefano Zocca – but it is also a choice that involves us all: we all need to feel innovation is our own challenge and live it to the full”.

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