The key to success - Interview to Stefano Zocca

Stefano Zocca, Managing Director of Silca S.p.A

Keys are not simple objects of daily use.
They have always represented much more than this. The keys of a city have been symbols of power over the centuries for kings and powerful people. In religious iconography, keys have represented access to the heavens.
For everyone, keys epitomise the physical access to important places and, symbolically, they represent the access to the world of loves ones and to one’s property.
Composit has spoken about keys and much more with Stefano Zocca, Managing Director of Silca S.p.A., one of the most famous international companies active in the manufacturing of keys and key cutting machines.
“Silca is perhaps the only company in its field that can boast a product range of over 66.000 items, just considering key blanks. We manufacture keys for any type of use, from ultra-light airplanes to boats, from safes to vehicles”, says Stefano Zocca. “The company is worldwide known also thanks to a more than established reputation in the manufacturing of key cutting machines able to duplicate any kind of key, of which there are several hundreds of models available”.

Fonte: Composit magazine
February-March 2013

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