Silca confirms growing sales and promising market perspectives

Vittorio Veneto,

Silca and Kaba, the most important worldwide players of the security industry, registered once more a positive trend for the fiscal year 2013/2014 with increasing turnover and financial soundness

With a turnover of over a billion Swiss francs, the multinational Kaba Group has achieved a new goal, registering a 5 per cent growth and an Ebitda margin of 15.5 per cent. The result proved satisfactory, especially considering the current economic situation and the investments made during the course of the year in infrastructure, research and development and expansion in new markets.
Through organic growth, increased profitability and acquisitions, the multinational has confirmed a positive and coherent trend. At the same time, the group has deeply renewed its organization, introducing programmes to improve efficiency and more incisive marketing initiatives. Even though investing 5 per cent of the turnover in innovation, Kaba has registered an overall positive result and has been able to increase the profitability of some divisions, such as the Key Systems Division, represented in Emea, Asia Pacific and Sam by Silca (whereas Ilco operates in North America and Canada). During the fiscal year 2013/2014, the Key Systems Division has further broadened its market share with a growth of 5.2 per cent, while profitability has risen registering an Ebitda margin of 16.3 per cent.
Silca is aware of the different economic scenarios of the countries where it operates, however it is fully satisfied with the outcome reached in Europe, India and South America, where its business units have achieved outstanding results and widened their market share, especially in Asia and South America.
Silca and the Key Systems Division, both under the leadership of Coo Stefano Zocca, aim at keeping the control of consolidated markets and accelerating the process of expansion in emerging countries. Moreover, the multinational is still focused on renovating its structures, processes and, more importantly, its company culture. The mindset of employees is, in fact, more and more crucial for organizations, which are copying with a fast-paced world that requires farsightedness and openness to the future.

Source: Eventi NordEst
Monday 24 November 2014
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